Soo-Jong Rey
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School of Physics and Astronomy
Seoul National University, Seoul 08862 KOREA
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"Reasonable man adapts himself to the world; unreasonable man tries to adapt the world to himself. World's progress depends entirely on these unreasonable men." George Bernard Shaw   "The Sun also rises" -- Ernest Hemingway -- Again, Again and Again.
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The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page.   (Saint Augustine)
  • June , 2018 : International Conference Strings 2018 , Okinawa JAPAN
  • September, 2018 : Organizer Liouville, Integrability (13), KOREA
  • June , 2019 : International Conference Strings 2019 , Brussels BELGIUM
  • September, 2019 : Organizer Liouville, Integrability and Branes (14), KOREA

  • Professional Side: Columbus didn't just sail, he sailed the WEST.    A hero for smarties is often considered a dictator for dummies.
  • Professor, School of Physics and Astronomy,   Seoul National University
  • Fellow (FInP)   The Institute of Physics
  • Fellow (FKAST)   The Korea Academy of Science and Technology
  • Editorial Board Member   Journal of High-Energy Physics  Open Physics   Classical and Quantum Gravity
  • Advisory Board Member The Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies 
    Research Interest:
    Basic research that does nothing else but expands human knowledge is sufficient reward in itself for the expenditure that government puts in. (Paul Martin, PM, Canada)
  • Primarily :   all interesting aspects of string theory and quantum field theory
  • Broadly :    high-energy physics , theoretical and observational cosmology 
  • Visit SNU String Theory Group Homepage   Failure is not an option -- Gene Kranz (NASA Flight Director)
    Be the First to Know (CNN)   Be the First to Invent!   It's not how many ideas you have, it's how many you make them happen.
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  • My Most Cited :   (1) string theory,    (2) cosmology,     (3) condensed-matter  
    Honors and Awards : I have no special talent. I'm only passionately curious. (Albert Einstein) Light bulb was never invented by improving candles.
  • J.J. Sakurai Scholarship (1984), SSC Fellowship (1990-1993), Seoam Fellowship (1996), ICTP Prize (2001) in Honor of Hans A. Bethe   (수상소감연설) , Wilhelm Friedrich Bessel Research Award [Alexander von Humboldt Foundation] (2004), Kyung-Ahm Research Award (2006)   (수상소감연설) ,   Korea Science Award (2008)
    Teaching: Personally, I'm willing to give up all high-tech for a half-day dialogue with a great teacher like Socrates." (Steve Jobs, CEO Apple Computer)
  • 2014 Fall  : Information Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics [게시판]

  • Cool Photos of Mine: A cup full of tea is no longer a cup (Taoism).
  • Playing Saxophone, Princeton , CERN1 , CERN2 , Santa Barbara , Mumbai, Henri Poincare , Les Houches, Worldcup 2002   

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