Sun Kyung Lee   CV(pdf)

Position  Postdoc
Research Area  Quantum Optics, Quantum Information,
                              and Many Body Physics with Cold Atoms Trapped in Optical Lattice
E-mail  sklee95 (at)


Emergence of stationary many-body entanglement in driven-dissipative Rydberg lattice gases
S. K. Lee, J. Cho, and K. S. Choi
arXiv:1401.0028 [quant-ph] (2013).
Absolute frequency measurement of ${}^{1}\textrm{S}_{0} (F=1/2)\!-\!{}^{3}\textrm{P}_{0} (F=1/2)$ transition of ${}^{171}\textrm{Yb}$ atoms in a one-dimensional optical lattice at KRISS
Chang Yong Park, Dai-Hyuk Yu, Won-Kyu Lee, Sang Eon Park, Eok Bong Kim, Sun Kyung Lee , Jun Woo Cho, Tai Hyun Yoon, Jongchul Mun, Sung Jong Park, Taeg Yong Kwon, and Sang-Bum Lee
Metrologia 50, 119 (2013).
Optical repumping of triplet-P states enhances magneto-optical trapping of ytterbium atoms
Jun Woo Cho, Han-gyeol Lee, Sangkyung Lee, Jaewook Ahn, Won-Kyu Lee, Dai-Hyuk Yu, Sun Kyung Lee, and Chang Yong Park
Phys. Rev. A 85, 035401 (2012).
Phase-space tomography of matter-wave diffraction in the Talbot regime
S. K. Lee, M. S. Kim, C. Szewc, and H. Ulbricht
New J. Phys. 14, 045001 (2012).
Generation of super-resolution atomic state density distribution based on temporally-cascaded multiple light exposures
Hee Su Park, Sun Kyung Lee, and Jae Yong Lee
Opt. Express 16, 21982 (2008).
The Role of Entanglement in Quantum Lithography
Sun Kyung Lee and Hai-Woong Lee
J. Phys. Soc. Jpn 77, 124001 (2008).
Damped population oscillation in a spontaneously decaying two-level atom coupled to a monochromatic field
Sun Kyung Lee and Hai-Woong Lee
Phys. Rev. A 74, 063817 (2006).